About Us

We offer a variety of full service, convenient and affordable on-campus housing and dining services for youth and adult groups, as well as individuals during the summer season. UC Davis is located in Northern California amid a lush, tranquil setting less than 15 miles west of the state's capital, Sacramento, and 72 miles east of San Francisco. Whether you're looking to book a corporate or educational symposium, sports camp, or other event – UC Davis has lodging and meal plans to meet your needs, all in a beautiful campus setting!

Guests are housed in traditional student residence halls as well as residential suite-style accommodations. All accommodations are offered on a "package plan" basis which includes room, daily meals provided by one of the nation's award-winning collegiate dining programs, linen & housekeeping services, 24-hour desk support, laundry facilities, adjacent parking, and use of UC Davis' premier fitness center and pool facilities. A wide range of options, such as catering, campus meeting and banquet facilities and other special services are available to customize your event.

UC Davis offers the amenities and distinction of a world class educational institution. The campus community and city of Davis also share many enjoyable cultural activities and opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Our community is abundantly alive with on- and off-campus activities. Whether you would like to bike along the greenbelts, hike the Sierras, visit the wine country, or explore the beauty of the California coast, the city of Davis and its neighboring cities have it all. UC Davis is the perfect venue for your event!

Mission Statement

The mission of Conference Housing and Dining Services at the University of California, Davis is as follows:

  • To act as campus ambassadors for our guests, enhance their experience by providing clean and comfortable accommodations, and deliver guest service which surpasses expectations.
  • To provide an engaging and supportive work environment, that fosters professional career development for our associates and promotes financial success.
  • To share our pride in UC Davis by delivering a unique and memorable experience for our guests and staff.

Department Philosophy

The students and employees of the University of California, Davis Student Housing Department are a multicultural community of people from diverse racial, ethnic, class backgrounds, national origins, religious and political beliefs, and sexual orientations. We are unique in that we strive to work together and live together and learn from one another in an atmosphere of positive contact and mutual respect.

We want to make clear our expectations concerning the behavior of each member of our community. We are individually and collectively responsible for our behavior and are fully accountable for our actions. We must take individual responsibility for our own learning and awareness and avoid all action that diminishes others.

Bigotry will not go unchallenged within this community. No one has the right to denigrate another human being on the basis of national origin, sexual orientation, race, gender or religious affiliation. We will not tolerate verbal or written abuse, threats, harassment, intimidation or other forms of aggression against any member or group of members of our community. In this context, we do not accept anger, alcohol, or substance abuse as an excuse, reason, or rationale for such abuse, harassment, intimidation, or violence. Ignorance or “it was just a joke” is also not an excuse for such behavior. Such behavior will be subject to the severest of employment and student conduct disciplinary action.

All of us who work and live in the Davis Student Housing community are here by choice and value commitment to these principles which are an integral part of our purpose, values and daily activities.

Contact Us

Visit our Contact Us webpage to contact our Service Desk, to get our main office hours, address and phone number, or send a message to the Conference Housing team.