Conference Group Reservations

Groups not affiliated with the University of California are welcome to stay in campus housing during the summer months, and must initiate reservations through UC Davis Conference & Event Services. UC departments may contact us directly.

Reservation Requirements and Responsibilities

Organizers making group arrangements must meet and accept the following reservation requirements and responsibilities to guarantee reservations.

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Guest Guarantees

Group organizers must provide UC Davis Conference Housing with guest guarantees in advance of the event as follows:

  • 60-days before the event, organizers must provide an estimated number of guests, with 80% liability
  • 30-days before the event, organizers must confirm the number of expected guests, with 95% liability
  • 21-days before the event, organizers must supply a guest list to UC Davis Conference Housing

Should the actual number of guests vary from the information provided at any of these points, organizers will be charged for the actual number of guests as follows:

  • The organization will be financially responsible for 80% of the 60-day guarantee number of participants, or 95% of the 30-day guarantee or for the actual number of participants, whichever is greater.
  • The conference will be held financially responsible for all requests for services made by authorized representatives.
  • The Conference Account will be due and payable upon organization's receipt of billing statement from Conference Housing Services post-conference through interdepartmental billing. 
  • Please contact Conference Housing if you would like additional information on group guarantee requirements.

Minor Group Requirements

For safety considerations, clients must provide at least one chaperone for every 10 participants 18 years and younger. Chaperones must be at least 21 years of age. Chaperones are responsible for the supervision of the participants at all times, including meal times and evenings. If your group has a UC Davis employee or volunteer, you must also follow the campus Youth Protection Program requirements.



UC Davis Conference Housing provides publications in a digital format, most often as an Adobe PDF, which allows for faster client access while reducing administrative expenses. Requests for printed publications may be made by contacting the Conference Housing Office. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

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Conference Housing Informational Documents

General Information

The General Information document provides information about accommodations and dining services for conference planners and their guests. This information is specifically for those guests whose accommodations have been arranged in conjunction with a conference agreement.

Download the General Information document (pdf)

University & Residence Hall Regulations

University & Residence Hall Regulations outlines critical University and residence hall regulations applicable to all guests staying in the residence halls.

Download the University & Residence Hall Regulations document (pdf)